A reacção dos músicos à morte de Lemmy

A reacção dos músicos à morte de Lemmy

Tiago da Bernarda

De Ozzy Osbourne a Dave Mustaine, passando por Moonspell vê o que os artistas escreveram em reacção à trágica notícia.

Soube-se na noite da passada segunda-feira, mas propagou-se numa questão de horas. A morte do líder dos Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister, após uma luta contra um cancro agressivo, deixou muitos em choque.

Vários já publicaram os seus pêsames, incluindo artistas que estimavam e que conheciam Lemmy pessoalmente.

Deixamos algumas mensagens de várias figuras do rock que não conseguiram conter as suas palavras sobre a sua morte.


  He lived a life of dreams and he went out on top. He was Motörhead and HE PLAYED ROCK & ROLL!!!   Uma foto publicada por Scott Ian (@scottianthrax) a




Actually, I’m pissed off Lem is dead. This sucks. One of the last REAL rock n roll motherfuckers has crossed over & I miss him. He was true to himself without question. He knew, there was no other pathway. A no bullshit, one of a kind, sharp tongued, hard livin’, un-PC, stylish, hilarious & flat out genuine badass leader. He didn’t give a fuck about yer peanut gallery, your anonymous opinion in the comment section or your fragile fucking sensibilities. Yet, he was always a caring & fascinating, kind & honest, gracious & a wise, intelligent & valuable friend. Never a bully, always a honorable rogue. You got a straight answer outta Lem, even if it was not what you wanted to hear. Because he was the genuine article. a maverick, an icon. The rest of these posers are trying to sell you water & champagne or are “building their brand”… Just Fucking snake oil salesmen. Toads. Greedy jive ass turkeys. Panderers. Hacks. Followers. Desperate for fame. Fuck fame. Fame is the toilet paper used on the ass of infamy. & infamy is dangerous & chaotic. Fuck safety. Fuck rules. Fuck insurance based suggestions. Lemme’s “brand” was forged in the fires of individuality & would scar you for life. Lemmy IS rock n roll. Lemmy cared for his crew, his fans & that’s it. He United punks & metalheads without being either, yet somehow embodied both. He had the respect from all scenes & sides. No one, I mean, no one else did. Or could’ve. You don’t respect or dig Motorhead?? Then You musta ain’t never heard em before or you jus don’t know shit about jack. Fact. Lemmy, You will never be forgotten. I’m Proud to have had spent so many hours lost in conversation with you brotha. All My love & respect to you. See you in Valhalla. Jho

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