Músicos reagem à morte de Chris Cornell

António Mauricio
18 Mai 2017

Vários artistas utilizaram as redes sociais para transmitir os seus sentimentos.

A morte de Chris Cornell foi certamente inesperada e uma enorme perda para o universo musical. Pouco tempo depois de se saber, inúmeros artistas como Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Elton John, Steven Tyler, St. Vincent, entre outros, transmitiram através das redes sociais mensagem de tributo e respeito para com uma das melhores vozes do rock.

Foto: Carina Martins

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THE GENERAL JOURNALS: DIARY OF A FRONTMAN… AND OTHER RAMBLINGS —————————— CHRIS CORNELL I am literally stunned. Bummed. Saddened by this most surprising of deaths. 52…!? Suicide…?! P-Bill, Drunkard and I had just seen him at the San Francisco Civic with Temple Of The Dog and he was unbelievable. I mean, UNBELIEVABLE! It was such an amazing show. The high we felt after that show was indescribable, watching this band we fucking LOVED, playing for the first time 25 years. Hanging with my friends, it was such a good time… such a good show. Nowadays, it seems like more and more people say things all the time like "so-and-so was the greatest", “The G.O.A.T.", and after VH1 started putting out Behind The Music’s suddenly everyone was a “legend”. And for the most part it’s unwarranted. The accolades bestowed on most bands/members the days is WAY out of proportion. The hard truth is that most of these guys are wannabe’s, who during the so-called golden-era of rock/metal, never would have been signed because they just weren’t/aren't good enough. Not Chris Cornell. He was THE BEST. Period. To me, that dude will always sit atop a place that very few singers will ever reach. First off; that voice. Holy fuck, that VOICE! One minute it could be the deepes… 👇🏻. . . READ THE REST AT OUR FB PAGE, OR LATER ON AT MH1 #chriscornell

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A great loss for heavy metal a great loss for music. #ChrisCornell #RestInPower #Legend

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